Polyurethane waterproofing resin, transparent and elastic

Code: SYN.0041

Composants: 1

Aspect: Liquide

SYNTECH WATERPROOF PU is a single-component polyurethane, aliphatic, transparent, elastic coating that is used to waterproof terraces, balconies and roofs in general, even over old coatings such as ceramic or stone. SYNTECH WATERPROOF PU is resistant to UV rays, yellowing, atmospheric agents, chemical components and alkalis, and maintains elasticity and transparency over time. SYNTECH WATERPROOF PU protects and waterproofs ceramic, stone, brick, wood and plastic surfaces from infiltrations, freezing, smog and acid rain. SYNTECH WATERPROOF PU can be used to create outdoor flooring consisting of the use of marble and resin pebbles whose mixture allows you to create a monolithic, non-slip and draining surface.

Linee di appartenenza

Caractéristiques générales


Conservabilité: 9 mois


Température d'utilisation: + 5 / + 30 °C


Utiliser en portant des gants de protection


Résistant aux rayons UV

Spécificités techniques

Circulation piétonne

24 h


25 _

Allongement longitudinal à la rupture

322 %

Température d'exercice

-40 / +90 °C

Résistant aux agents chimiques

Résistance à la traction longitudinale

25.4 N/mm²

Module élastique statique

69.5 N/mm²

Durcissement total

7 jour

Perméabilité à la vapeur d'eau

8.05 g/m²

Intervalle de superposition

1 - 2 h

Durcissement au toucher

6 - 8 h

Couleurs disponibles

- Transparent

Emballages et dimensions

- Seau 10 kg

- Seau 20 kg


With the application of SYNTECH WATERPROOF PU, aged and oxidized plastic surfaces will be more transparent. SYNTECH WATERPROOF PU effectively waterproofs even damaged glass surfaces and protects against fragments in the event of glass breakage. Thanks to UV resistance and great elasticity, SYNTECH WATERPROOF PU is ideal for restoring the waterproofing of old floors without altering their aesthetic effect and without invasive building works. SYNTECH WATERPROOF PU uses an innovative hardening system activated by atmospheric humidity and does not fear the humidity of the substrate.


Approximately 0.8 - 1.2 kg / m2 of SYNTECH WATERPROOF PU in two or three layers of 1 mm each.

Champs d'utilisation

SYNTECH WATERPROOF PU is used as a waterproofing coating for roofs and terraces, also applicable on old coatings with direct exposure to UV rays. Creation of exposed gravel floors.

Préparation des supports

The application surfaces must be suitably prepared and adequately resistant: free from dust, grease, dirt, friable and / or inconsistent parts, free from surface dampness. The moisture content of the substrate must not exceed 5%. Treat non-absorbent glazed surfaces such as glazed ceramic tiles, glass and glass cements with a primer before applying SYNTECH WATERPROOF PU coating.

Modalités d'utilisation

Pour SYNTECH WATERPROOF PU on the primed surface and spread with a roller or a suitable notched trowel, until the entire surface is covered. After 12 hours - but no later than 18 hours - apply a second layer of SYNTECH WATERPROOF PU using a roller or a brush. For better waterproofing and wear resistance, apply a third layer of the product. Do not apply SYNTECH WATERPROOF PU in thicknesses greater than 1 mm per layer (dry film). For best results, the temperatures during application and drying should be between + 5 ° C and + 35 ° C. Lower temperatures delay the ripening process while higher temperatures accelerate it. High humidity could affect the final result. To achieve a non-slip finish, distribute evenly quartz to the point when the coating is still fresh.

For the realization of an indicative thickness of 1 cm of flooring made with SYNTECH WATERPROOF PU and valuable aggregates (colored stones, marble granules, etc.) a mixture is made with approximately 5 kg of product every 70 kg of aggregate to be incorporated ( variable consumption according to the size of the aggregate).

Méthodes d'application

- Coulure

- Spatule dentée

Nettoyage des instruments

- Eau

Supports autorisés

- Bois

- Carreaux et tuiles

- Pierres naturelles

- Plastique

- Verre

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