Closed cell polyurethane foam coating of 60 kg/mc

Code: SYN.0383

Composants: 2

Aspect: Liquide

SYNTECH PU FOAM 60 is an expanded polyurethane with a nominal density of 60 kg per m³; is a closed cell foam, developed using a new generation blowing agent designed to adhere to various substrates and capable of providing both excellent thermal insulation and minimization of air leaks. As part of a system, it has been designed as a closed cell, tested and evaluated for use as a composite system to provide a complete air barrier and to provide exceptional performance in reducing heat transfer, achieving incredible benefits to minimize the transmission of humidity and air leaks. The performance of SYNTECH PU FOAM 60 was evaluated on iron, sheet metal, steel, glass, concrete and wood as a composite system or as a single system.

Linee di appartenenza

Caractéristiques générales


Utiliser en portant des lunettes de protection


Poids spécifique: 1.12 g/cm³


Température d'utilisation: +10/+30 °C


Utiliser en portant des gants de protection


Conservabilité: 12 mois

Spécificités techniques

Conductivité thermique

0.033 W/m*K

Perméabilité à la vapeur d'eau

38 μ

Résistance à compression

CS(10\Y)392 kPa

Résistant aux agents chimiques

Absorption capillaire

0.019 kg/m²

Durcissement au toucher

14 s

60 kg/m³

Résistance au feu


Temps de gélification

12 s

Couleurs disponibles

- Neutre tendant à jaunir

Emballages et dimensions

- Fût 220 kg [B]

- Fût 250 kg [A]

- Kit: 1 Fût 250 kg [A] + 1 Fût 220 kg [B]


SYNTECH PU FOAM 60 guarantees excellent adhesion with the support, giving rise to a continuous membrane, without any joints and extremely resistant:

- It adapts to any geometric shape
- Friendly to the environment, they are inert and disposable materials.
- It does not weigh down the structure
- Low permeability
- Best thermal insulator
- Reduction of thicknesses compared to other insulators
- Cancellation of thermal bridges
- Long service life - useful life of more than 50 years
- Excellent compressive strength
- Resistant to biological attack and does not favor the growth of fungi and bacteria


Approximately 0.650 kg of SYNTECH PU FOAM 60 for each square meter of surface to be coated and for each centimeter of thickness to be created.

Champs d'utilisation

SYNTECH PU FOAM 60 is particularly used for:

- Thermal insulation on buildings, attics, ceilings
- Waterproofing after using top coatings
- Foundation lining
- Coating of tanks and reservoirs
- Coating of isothermal vans
- Protection of ducts and pipes
- Cold room lining
- Coating and protection of sheet metal

Préparation des supports

All surfaces must be free of contaminants and humidity below 3%; it must offer a mechanical grip on a solid and non-yielding support. Where necessary we recommend a preparation carried out with shot blasting, bush hammering, sanding or water washing. Consult the staff for proper preparation of the substrate. If necessary, it is recommended to use primers from the SYNTECH family and contact the staff for clarification on the most suitable type to use.

Modalités d'utilisation

SYNTECH PU FOAM 60 requires a bimixer system capable of producing pressure over 160 bar and temperatures over 60 °C, equipped with transfer pumps with a 3:1 ratio. Contact the staff for clarification on the best gun to use and details of the air system.
The two components must be preheated to around 30 °C by heating bands.
SYNTECH PU FOAM 60 must be sprayed at pressures that fall within the 140-160 bar range and at temperatures that can vary from 35 to 45 °C.
It is the responsibility of the applicator to correctly calibrate the technical equipment and the combination of nozzles relating to the gun, the length of the pipes and the technical parameters of the spray system.
SYNTECH PU FOAM 60 must not be applied in thicknesses greater than 3 cm per coat.
The second coat should not be done before 30 minutes have passed since the previous application, allowing the material to cool.

Méthodes d'application

- Pompe bi-mixer pour vaporisations à chaud

Nettoyage des instruments

- Diluant pour résines

Supports autorisés

- acier

- Béton

- Bois

- Fibres-ciment

- Préfabriqués

- Surfaces métalliques

- Verre

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