Single-component polyurethane primer specifically for bituminous sheaths

Code: SYN.0318

Composants: 1

Aspect: Liquide

SYNTECH POLIUREA PRIMER-PUR is a single-component polyurethane primer with a base of low viscosity solvent, polyurethane resins and special isocyanates that, once applied, form an elastic film that adheres to the substrate. The processing times of this product range from 90 to 120 minutes, based on the percentage of ambient humidity.

Linee di appartenenza

Caractéristiques générales


Conservabilité: 6 mois


Poids spécifique: 1.025 - 1.028 g/cm³


Pot-life: >9 h


Produit à base solvant


Température d'utilisation: +5 / +35 °C


Utiliser en portant des gants de protection


Utiliser en portant des lunettes de protection

Spécificités techniques

Adhérence au béton (test de coupe)

>1.5 MPa

Durcissement au toucher

90 - 120 min

Humidité maximum du support

5 %

Résidu sec

70 %


300 - 600 mPas

Couleurs disponibles

- Transparent / Neutre

Emballages et dimensions

- Bidon 20 kg


From 80 to 120 grams of SYNTECH POLIUREA PRIMER-PUR per square metre of surface to be treated.

Champs d'utilisation

SYNTECH POLIUREA PRIMER-PUR offers a support for coatings and waterproofing in general. Intermediate adhesion promoter for two-time applications of polyureas, elastomeric products, etc.

Préparation des supports

The surface of the substrate must be dry, properly cleaned, free from any debris and friable or detached parts. All substrates must have a degree of humidity not greater than 5%. The surface temperature during application must be at least +5° C above dew point. If necessary, depending on the surface, the following interventions are recommended:
Shot Blasting
Hydro-jet Cleaning
Any contamination (water, dirt, dust, etc.) will have to be carefully removed before coating.

Modalités d'utilisation

Mix the product with mechanical stirrer, being sure that the least possible amount of air is incorporated. Prevent the product from coming into contact with air or moisture. When the substrate is ready, apply SYNTECH POLIUREA PRIMER-PUR in the amount needed. Pay attention to the presence of condensate. In certain cases, whilst the product is still wet, complete a dusting of 0.5–0.8 quartz.

Méthodes d'application

- Pulvérisation airless à basse pression

- Pinceau

- Rouleau

Nettoyage des instruments

- Diluant pour résines

Supports autorisés

- Béton

- Fibres-ciment

- Carreaux et tuiles

- Membranes bitumineuses

- Chapes de support

- Pierres naturelles et porphyres

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