Alkali-free setting accelerant additive for shotcrete

Code: ADX.0363

Composants: 1

Aspect: Liquide

Alkali-free mineral reactivity solution to be used to accelerate sprayed concrete and shotcrete, in the consolidation of rocks outdoors and/or in tunnels, in the construction of self-sustaining and waterproofing coatings of tunnels, canals, vaults, basins, underground works, etc., to be used both dry and wet directly in the mix design of the concrete to be sprayed.

Catégories fonctionnelles
Code des Douanes
3824 4000

Linee di appartenenza

Caractéristiques générales


Conservabilité: 6 mois


Consommation (% sur le poids du liant): 8 - 10 %


Sans solvants


Non inflammable


Poids spécifique: 1.26 kg/l

Spécificités techniques

Contenu de chlorure

< 0.1 %

Contenu en alcalis

< 1 %

Résidu sec

33 ± 2 %


3 _

Couleurs disponibles

- Transparent / Neutre

Emballages et dimensions

- Jerricane 25 kg

- Petite citerne 1050 kg


FLUID SPRITZ AF is a widely-used accelerant characterised by ease-of-use and variability in dosing according to the specific needs of the worksite, with a reduction in the number of coating layers to be applied and in the time needed to complete the carryovers, with less rebound waste and the option to operate even in cold temperatures.


Use 8–10% of FLUID SPRITZ AF on the weight of cement present in the mixture to exude and according to the application conditions and type of concrete (range of use: between 8–10 kilograms per 100 kilogram of cement in the design mix).

Champs d'utilisation

Packaging of sprayed mortars and concrete mixes including with specific equipment (shotcrete pumps, pumping machines) for hydrated mixtures in the consolidation of rocks outdoors and/or in tunnels, in the construction of coatings also with a load-bearing function, in tunnels, on posts, pilings, diaphragms, canals, vaults, basins, dams, and so on. For waterproofing below-ground works. Can be used in collaborative slabs, for the safety of buildings affected by earthquake.

Modalités d'utilisation

FLUID SPRITZ AF can be used wet directly in the concrete to be sprayed or can be placed ahead of time in a container of suitable capacity to be added directly to the spray lance. It is always advisable to carry out preliminary tests to determine the addition of the most suitable percentage of product.

Méthodes d'application

- Ajouter à d'autres composants

- Guniteuse

Nettoyage des instruments

- Eau

Supports autorisés

- Béton

- Briques

- Maçonneries en pierre

- Maçonneries mixtes

- Parois rocheuses

- Pierres naturelles

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