Water- oil repellent, stain resistant concentrate for alkaline materials

Code: CSX.0375

Composants: 1

Aspect: Liquide

CONSILEX NO-STAIN is a solvent-based mixture that renders water- and oil-repellent inorganic materials alkaline, even with poor porosity. A CONSILEX NO-STAIN treatment results not only in water repellency but also resistance to stains and oil. The pores of the materials remain open whilst the water vapour breathability is unchanged. Grease oil and stains can be easily removed from the treated surfaces.

Linee di appartenenza

Caractéristiques générales


Conservabilité: 12 mois


Poids spécifique: 0.95 kg/l


Produit à base solvant


Utiliser en portant des gants de protection


Utiliser en portant des lunettes de protection

Couleurs disponibles

- Transparent tendant jaune pâle

Emballages et dimensions

- Jerricane 5 kg

- Jerricane 25 kg


CONSILEX NO-STAIN comes in concentrated form and should be diluted before use with mineral ranges of concentrations from 1:10 to 1:20.

Champs d'utilisation

A treatment that is impregnating, water- and oil-repellent, stain-resistant and non-film, including for scarcely-absorbent materials.

Préparation des supports

It is recommended that surfaces be treated prior to remove soluble salts and dirt, along with parts with poor surface adhesion. Cracks greater than 0.3 mm must always been filled. Apply to dry surfaces. In the event of rain or surface washing, wait 3 days at a temperature of at least 20° C prior to treatment.

Modalités d'utilisation

Diluted solutions of CONSILEX NO-STAIN are generally applied to the surface by brush or spray. The water- and oil-repellent effect develops within 24–48 hours. Due to possible changes in colour, it is recommended to carry out preliminary tests before treatment.

Méthodes d'application

- Pinceau

- Jet

Nettoyage des instruments

- Diluant Nitro

Supports autorisés

- Béton

- Préfabriqués

- Placoplâtre

- Maçonneries mixtes

- Maçonneries en briques creuses

- Maçonneries en pierre

- Pierres naturelles et porphyres

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